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Become an affiliate publisher

  • The procedure is very simple, just register as a member of the community and create an account, completely free of charge, on our portal. After a brief verification and after payment of subscription, if there are no problems, your initial membership status will be upgraded to author status. As a rule, the upgrade takes place on the same day when your payment is received.. From that moment you can publish your events in total autonomy. For only 50,00 euro + iva at year, you have the possibility to publish an unlimited number of events, you can insert images, videos, attached documents, tags and links completely freely, in the desired category. After publishing, our team will do a quick content review for approval of the material and in a couple of minutes everything will be online. By default, your post will be placed in the article feed of the desired category, in chronological order with the other articles and will be active for a period of 30 days.


enter in the google news network

Into the network of Google News in Italy

  • Joining Google News and getting a high ranking for your content is undeniable if you want users to consider your articles authoritative and trustworthy and become a constant. Events and News in Italy is part of the large network of Google News, the most authoritative and influential news channel nationwide. It is a tool with great potential for all journalists, authors or publishers and works just like a newspaper only that the news is in real time and is constantly updated. More than half of the users who search for information on the web, in fact, trust much more what they read in the news falling under Google News rather than the source itself that disseminated the information content or a specific news item. Moreover, Google News' reach around the world boasts some extraordinary numbers. The service covers well over 60 different countries and is available in more than 35 languages, even allowing bilingual support on the app itself.


promote your event at

Promote your event in real time!

  • If you would like more visibility for important events, we can also place your article in the main news slide on the portal or highlight it elsewhere on all pages of the site. Events and News in Italy also has a dedicated service for broadcasting live events. We offer direction and video production for any type of event with integrated posting through the live streaming page. Advertisement promotion and video production are paid services, for the quotation of a specific request you are invited to use our support page, we will be glad to answer you as soon as possible.


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